Multiservice Center Sh.p.k operates in international level, by giving a great help to the clients in their search of the materials, products or the raw materials, for the reduction of the production cost, by maintaing unchanged the quality of the final product. The cost reduction of the production makes the product more competitive in the national market, and above all in that international.

We offer you cooperation opportunities and sale and purchase agreement with China, Italy, Poland, Brazil and Ivory Coast as follows:

» Research and market analysis

» Sale of products and obtaining raw materials in Poland.

» Obtaining raw materials in China and Ivory Coast.

» Sale of products in Brazil.

» The opening of offices in China for selling products with domestic sales agent, provided by us, but that works and charges on your behalf.

» Customs assistance.

» Creating preliminary opportunities of buying and selling by providing simples of raw materials, without any cost.

» Guarantor for cooperation between the parties.

Our service is guaranteed by controlling the quality and quantity of goods before they are marketed.

By using this service you save time and money while you see your bussiness grow!