One of the fastest, most efficient, that can be done in a short time is Online Marketing. Compared to the other ways, publicity beside its lowest cost, you have even the possibility of targeting and high measurement of results. The creation of a website helps in improving the image of business, but is also an informational tool at any hour of the day. The official website of the company is one of the best ways of online marketing combined with the opportunity of marketing in social networks, google, emails etc. The Marketing Agency

Multiservice Center sh.p.k will help you with the following services:

» Construction dynamic and static websites:

» Static website–  is included design, coding and placement of materials. For the first year is offered free domain and hosting.

» Dynamic website-  is offered design, coding, placement of materials, the creation of administration panel with self management, as well as customer training about the management of the information on its web page. For the first year is offered free domain and hosting.

» E – commerce websites -  are dedicated websites for product selling direct from the internet. This is a way that reduce the time of buying and the company’s costs too.

» Hosting – You can host your website on our servers, where you will always find a permanent technical support.

» Domain – Purchase of all types of domains,. com, . net. biz, .org, .al,, etc..

» Creation and maintenance of Facebook  web pages -Facebook is the largest network in Albania with about 1.3 million users. We offer the creation and design of Facebook pages according to all the standards, and continuously information updates.

» Facebook Ads – through this way of marketing you create opportunities of advertising in the biggest network in Albania. Facebook Ads gives you the chance of targeting, according to age, gender, status and interest

» Google Ads –Makes your website to come up the first throughout the campaign under the “key word” in the researches predetermined by the client in Google.

» Newsletter –  Is offered design of the News Latter and delivery to more than 20’000 email addresses.

» Sms Campaign – Sms deliver in 30’000 mobile numbers.

Marketing Agency Multiservice provides also marketing strategy and everything else that is necessary for the success of your Business!