Market Studies 

Finding a market for the sale of products or the customer services. For all those companies that are interested to sell their product with direct marketing, we offer the service of the marketing agents who work for the customer account, managed by the Publicity Agency Multiservice Center sh.p.k.


Marketing online

One of the fastest, most efficient, that can be done in a short time is Online Marketing. Compared to the other ways, publicity beside its lowest cost, you have even the possibility of targeting and high measurement of results. The creation of a website helps in improving the image of business, but is also an informational tool at any hour of the day.


Design & Press

Logo, Business cards, Leaflets, Brochure, Catalogue, Adhesive, Banner, Posters, Business presentations, Product packaging, Promotional tools, Postcards / Invitations,

Table with / without lighting


 Publicity campaigns

Organizing conferences, events and any other activity that is necessary for your business image.