Internationalization of the Business


We create oportunities for you to recognize the Albanian market through the detailed studies in the preliminary stage, to see the possibilities and the priorities that can be offered to do business in Albania. We create all the necessary spaces to expand and in the same time to increase your business through internalization. The foundation of a company abroad is a critical issue. At this point, Multiservice Center sh.p.k supports the entrepreneurs by providing specialized assistance to cope and to recognize the new country since its inception.

The fulfillment of all the procedures that are required for RELOCATION or creation of a new branch of your business, mainly for movements from Italy to Albania, and from Albania to another country. The servicies are as follows:

» Proffesional assistance in the planning and structuring stage of the investment project.

-Business Consultancy

-Financial Consultancy

-Market Research

» The foundation of the company.

-Preparation of the statute of the company;

-Finding the location of the business

-Finding the staff;

Proposals for executives figures;

-Assistance in the relationships with tax administration, Labor Inspectorate, NRC, etc..

-Legal assistance etc.

» Managing the initial phase.

-Of the staff and maintaining under control the total progress

-Marketing (for further information see the category “Marketig”)

-The fullfillment of all the customs practices



-IT service etc.

Multiservice Center sh.p.k undertakes the management of the ordinary and extraordinary activities of the company. Multiservice Center sh.p.k, is also able to play the role of the trusted representative in relation to the opportunities of international investments. Consult us to evaluate together, without engagement, the business opportunities for your company.