budget calculation

» Common fiscal consultancy – Informs and instructs enterprises and professionals about various issues related to fiscal legislation. Update related to changes to the legal framework, support for finding and solving various problems related to VAT and other taxes

» Tax statements – All the fulfillment procedures as well as the obligation disclosure with respect to VAT, Social and Health Insurances, Profit tax, Excise etc.

»  Information on fiscal facilities – Fiscal legislation as well as the pursuit of state policies regarding the stimulation of certain activities and fiscal facilities. Collaboration with various Research Institutions on recognition and identification of mitigation practices for different sectors of the economy.

» Administration, representation regarding the disagreements with the tax administration – Consultancy in the interpretation of fiscal legislation on entities that have disagreements with the tax administration. Support and assistance in the process of complaint to the Office of Tax Appeal.

» Consultancy on fiscal issues, accounting and balance – Services aim to give reasonable assurance about the accuracy of transactions under the tax, and taking the preventive measures against violations, and to avoid serious consequences.