Cpncept of Help in your business

» Project analysis – For each enterprise or professional who wants to open a new activity:  Analysis and comparison of indicators of different sectors as well as consultancy regarding the profitability of the project.

» Analisis of legal and administrative structure – Assistance regarding the fulfillment of all the administrative procedures. Starting from the selection of the accounting and the tax regime. Consultancy for the subjects regarding the registration procedures near the National Registration Center (NRC), Social Insurance Institute, State Labour Inspectorate and at the local authorities.

» Fiscal and financial study for the project – Consultancy in the initial stage (start-up), suggesting the best forms of financing for the new activity, the ability to make predictions about the economic and financial terms that are closely related to the continuation of  the activity.

» Staff training – Ongoing relationship with the Administrator and the administrative staff of the company for granting professional assistance and economic opinion in favor of increasing the effectiveness of the activity and the enforcement of legal provisions.

» Assessment about the  selection of the most profitable way of investments – Consulting on problems and issues that emerge during the activity presented by the Administration of the Company in relation to the assessment and progress of investment. Analysis of the financial structure, Balance, Statement of Revenue and of Expenditures, as well as Cash Flow.

» Operations on capital – suggestions about the practices and procedures regarding the capital changes. Collaboration with the best law firms for the foundation of the ciompanies, about the drafting of statutes as well as of the various contracts in connection with the transfers of quotas.