» Holding the accounts - For customers who start an activity and need a company, specialized in the maintenance of their accounting books, in the preparation of the financial statements in accordance with the accounting Albanian standards, in the preparation of financial statements and of other financial reports required by shareholders, we offer professional advices in relation to the structure, presentation and disclosure of these financial statements.

 »The Accounting Consultancy  – Consultancy in the assessment of compliance with Albanian rules of accounting, assistance to the accounting issues, which influence on their daily activity, advices regarding the preparation of financial statements for statutory purposes, or maintaining a high quality of financial reporting to shareholders.

 » Liquidation of the Company – Prosecution of liquidation and bankruptcy procedures of the society. Balance drafting in moments of liquidation procedures. Preparation of annual financial statements during the period of liquidation. Preparation of the final liquidation report as well as presentation of financial statements before the General Assembly. Announcement of National Registration Center for the completion of the liquidation procedures as well as the application for cancellation of society.