Call Center Organization and Management


MSC is committed to the organization of Call Centers in Albania by giving any kind of support to its customers. Call center is an environment, with a complex and dynamic organization, and for being created and managed requires high professional and technical skills. The call center has proved to be a great help for almost all types of business, of any size and sector. It has improved the relationships with the customers, has increased the customer service and has contributed to the increase of the sales of products and services. Nowadays, Call Center handles every aspect of electronic contact with the client, providing information, support and assistance.


» Opening of branches in Albania;

» Suggestions about the location of the Call Center;

» Finding staff in the sectors: operative, technical control, organizational: (internet, phone, equipement repair, etc.).

» Assistance in the relationships with the Tax Administration, the Labor Inspectorate, NRC, etc..

» Legal assistance, lawyer, notary, etc.

» Environment branding (masterminding, design, and printing) and everything else that is necessary for the company’s image.