10 reasons to invest in Albania


1. Economical progress.

In 2010 GDP growth was 3.9% and in 2011 more than 3%, these make Albania the most  highest Economical resilience of Southeast Europe.

2. Excellent geographical and strategic position.

Its location in the center of a natural crossroads, between the major transit corridors, as well as the connection  with the transport network in Europe, gives Albania a favorable strategic position for trade exchanges.

3. Free market

Albania is a member of the World Trade Organization and applies the WTO rules on the import licensing. Albania has signed agreements for the free trade with the European Union, the CEFTA and countries of the EFTA, and Turkey.

4. Friendly spirit for new businesses.

The registration of new businesses is done in 24 hours with the worth of 100 ALL (less than 1 euro). Business licensing is done through a faster and transparent procedure, through the Internet, easily verifiable by the National Licensing Center. The online system for the fulfillment of taxes and  fees. The legal framework of the Albanian business is in line with the EU legislation.

5. Potential for high investments.

The Albanian economy has untapped potential in energy, tourism, agribusiness, infrastructure and services sector. Natural resources include: hydro, solar capacity, wind, energy, agricultural land and over 400 km of the coast. The country is rich in oil and gas and valuable minerals such as copper, iron and chrome.

6. Taxes.

Albania’s tax regime is more liberal than in many other countries of the region. Albanian tax legislation envisions a 15% flat tax for business. The tax on the personal incomes is 13-23% (PROGRESSIVE) and VAT is 20%.

7. Workforce: low wages, high professionalism.

The country has over 1,071,948 young, educated professionals and more than 57% of the population is under the age of 35. The English, Italian, French and German languages are included in the system of education. Other regional languages ​​are widely used. 95,449 students are admitted every year at universities, 5000 or which are studying ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

8. Progressive increase of foreign investments.

A progressive increase of foreign investments is registered during the last decade. The liberal legal framework on foreign investments guarantees equal and fair treatment to both foreign and domestic investors. There is no limit to the percentage of foreign participation in the company – the foreign ownership is100% possible. There are currency exchange controls. The Albanian government has approved and enforces a special protection for foreign investors in the cases of judicial context in which they are parties.

9. The infrastructure toward the fast improvement

Are implemented important projects in the field of infrastructure especially in the road network, with the aim of maximal utilization of the full potential of the strategic position of Albania.

10. Quality of life.

According to the Index Quality of Life issued by the International Living magazine, Albania takes the highest evaluations in the region. Albania offers a safe environment for living, offers entertainment  and multiple opportunities to pass the leisure time (you can enjoy the Albanian traditional food, can visit the touristic Tirana, night life …. etc) and many other interesting activities, all with competitive prices as in any other European country. In Tirana, you will find some of the best international schools and universities, providing in this way a more easy  customization for your entire family.